“To be a woman or a lady is the embodiment of she is power, I want women to feel power, feminine, gracious and to never accept limitations or downgrades from anybody because they alone know what power & beauty they possess”.

- O. Winifred Areghan, Founder & CEO.

Gianna meaning (God is gracious) is a luxury fashion design retail brand inspired by original ideas for women design. I found this brand on my passion for fashion to focus on the use of staple pieces and sustainable resources to highlight on feminine beauty and figures.

Our brand creates design which tends to think outside the box either by art, mood boards, craft etc. HOUSEOFGIANNA is meant to be complex and incomparable to our competitors by standing out either by the designs or the colour and context. Our pieces start off being imperfect till they are perfect as that is the beauty of being gracefu



“Poise & Pose”


The Idalia power mesh cut out design was inspired by the definition of “Gianna” meaning graceful and “Idalia” to behold the sun mostly used for Greek feminine. Its whole idea is to seemingly portray sculpted images of feminine goddess beauty and the textures of a power mesh design how it can flow with every shape of the body. The fabric and silhouette designs are inspired by the physique of the female form in all its embodiment, thus as a result lead us to create this beautiful piece to celebrate femininity in all its glory.


Teresa design with others is a design under the “Ony collection” as Dress 3. The name was inspired by the love for the Mexican traditional names meaning ‘’Summer”. It was made for the thrills of being flashy and elegant for the long-held summer. The knitted seashell cup design is a clear pictorial of the shells in the sea, or the ocean coupled by the intensity exaggeration of the woven braid capturing the afro braid sequel to that of a rope weaved.

It highly emphasizes on the culture of Africans to apply embroidery stitching to beautify their fabric or clothing designs. For most of the African feminine beauty it will remind us of how much we basked in braids, knitting and weaving or even handcraft. While for some others mostly fantasized in having such traits in their culture or experience.

In whichever form or time, one may not have had a full experience or been a witness to, I entrust that Teresa and all other given names of this design will serve as an experience one that all will appreciate and flaunt.



After our collective design with Idalia, we decided to branch even further from design cut sculpt out designs to using the samples guides of taffeta being inspired by its texture and the print used almost like the tie and dye. We experimented different types of fabric prints to get the desired print that will go with the asymmetric design which is very complicated as carefully tackled by our factory.

The print features a seamless digital print fabric to heighten the beauty of bright toned colours. The lining on the design was inspired by draw strings from sequence dress designs to sculpt the figure or rather making the cup asymmetric compressed and more detailed. Safiyah is one amongst other designs like “Demi” as this a design which isn’t meant to abide by the trends but to show that styles evolve from time to time.

The cut out slit at the hem of the design is to showcase women ability to show off skin or vulnerable in their own space or the public without any stereotypes because they feel comfortable in their skin.

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